Make Dance as a way of Life!

Welcome to Raack Dance

Raack Academy of Dance, founded in 1998, is Chennai’s premier Dance Company with over 3000 events to their credit and has trained over 50000 students all over the world.

We are the pioneers of onstage entertainment and have left no stones unturned globally and all over India.

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Jazz Dance has evolved into a genre by itself over the years. The steps are all very unique, quick, and attractive and can be attributed to theatrical or character based dance. Jazz can be performed to any type of song and can be characterized by the technical and sharp movements


Hip hop has turned out to be the most sought out and relatable dance style for today’s youth. It encourages free expression at the same strong technique and strength.




A dance style that can be performed to any kind of music. Often danced bare feet with free style and fluid movements to connect the mind and body.


Zumba to burn tons of calories and to look young, fit and great!


Best place to learn Dance and Express yourself...The trainers are teaching so well, that even a slow learner like me was able to Dance perfectly



Mr. Ramana Balaji

Mr. Ramana Balaji (popularly known as Ramash), the Creative Director of Raack Academy of Dance is known for his innovative style of choreography, brilliant sense of creativity and his splendid ability to make anyone dance. His sheer dedication to the art form has made him an internationally recognised dance choreographer and teacher today.

Ramana is a strong believer in dance as a medium of self-expression and his teaching techniques help students understand the benefits of dance and keeping them physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically fit. He approaches dance as a way of life and inspiration which combines a mixture of discipline, poise and commitment.

School Dance Curriculum
We do schedule dance programs for schools. We create the potential in each student and make them excel both intellectual as well as experimental.
Annual Day Planning
Plan your school annual day with us for a wonderful dance visual treat! We do provide costumes, stage setup and everything a dance performance needs.
Corporate Dance Workshops
People are bound to work now a days and they definitely need a break. We bring regular breaks for them and help them with their stressful day.