Student Showcase

First Step

All the students who are part of the academy will get an opportunity to perform to a live audience in our Annual Dance Showcase, FIRST STEP. This is where they take the spotlight and showcase their talents shedding all their inhibition. This event usually takes place in the month of February at a big auditorium.
It is at this event where the students get to apply what they have learnt through the year in a fun- filled performance. It is a very different experience for the students in the sense they get to wear custom made costumes and props during the performance. This is an evening where the entire Raack Family gets together and celebrates the joy of dancing in a spectacular scale

Best of Raack

This is a showcase open to the public where we perform some of Raack’s landmark productions created in our 20 year journey. This is a professional event where our students are also given an opportunity to perform.


Our Annual Summer Dance Workshop which takes place in the months of April & May. Its a 15 day camp at the end of which all the students get to perform in a spectacular event.


A summer camp with a twist! Spotlight is our Summer Dance Musical Workshop where all our students get an insight on what goes into making a Musical Production. They are taught aspects of storytelling through choreography, Body Language and dramatic expressions. We have successfully staged "Panchatantra" and "Mary Poppins" through this platform.